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The two books by Paul Moorhouse published for the Tate retrospective are available from Tate Publishing:, as is The Pied Piper of Hamelin, a colouring book with pencil drawings by Anthony Caro accompanying Robert Browning's poem.

Anthony Caro: Figurative and Narrative Sculpture, Anthony Caro: Drawing in Space, Anthony Caro: Interior and Exterior, Anthony Caro: Small Sculptures, Anthony Caro: Presence, Anthony Caro: Quest for the New Sculpture and Anthony Caro at the Trajan Markets are available from, Tel: 01235 827 730, fax: 01235 400 454, email

Anthony Caro: A Life in Sculpture is available from ; trade enquiries Marston Book Services, Tel: 01235 465 500, Fax: 01235 465 555

The Barbarians is available through DAP/Distributed Art Publishers, 155 Sixth Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013, tel: (+001) 212 627 1999, fax: (+001) 212 627 9484;;

The Last Judgement, Anthony Caro and Twentieth Century Sculpture and Sculptors Talking are generally available in bookshops. Trade enquiries may be directed to Art Data, 12 Bell Industrial Estate, 50 Cunnington Street, London W4 5HB. Tel: (44) 020 8747 1061; fax: (44) 020 8742 2319;

The Caro at Longside catalogue is available from Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Tel: 01924 830 125; fax: 01924 830 044; e-mail:

The catalogues Anthony Caro: New Galvanised Steel Sculptures, Anthony Caro: The Barbarians, Anthony Caro: Europa and the Bull & Paper Book Sculptures and Anthony Caro: Upright Sculptures are available from Annely Juda Fine Art,  Tel: 020 7629 7578, Fax: 020 7491 2139, e-mail:

Modernism with a Vengeance and Art & Objecthood can be ordered from University of Chicago Press: 11030 Langley Avenue, Chicago, IL 60628, tel: (+001) 773 568 1550;

Two publications including Anthony Caro interviews: Interviews with the Artists (ISBN 1-901-16162-5) and Small Histories: Studies of Western Art (ISBN 1-901-16123-4), CV Publications, London 2000, can be ordered from

Caro's US exhibitions are reviewed in Piri Halasz' From the Mayors's Doorstep:

For a pricelist of available catalogues write to Barford Sculptures, 38c Georgiana Street, London NW1 0EB or e-mail: